Sneak Peek – Well, We’re Halfway There!

We’re SO excited – have another sneak peek!

Our fantastic crew has been working so hard over the past couple of weeks that building is almost finished. Painting to start so very soon! Here’s another quick sneak peek for you to ogle at while we work hard to meet our mid-January deadline! That’s right! We hope to be open for the New Year! If you’re interested in our gift cards for a perfect addition to any stocking, or gift for the holiday season, shoot us a message on our facebook page!

For now, we’re just posting some black and white shots, we don’t want to give away everything just yet. Not to mention not much is painted yet! Mind the mess, we clean up multiple times a day, we promise!

tiny town sneak peek  tiny town sneak peek
See that lovely lady in the right picture above working on a door? That’s Marley, and Tiny Town is her third baby. Marley’s not just posing for a shot either. That woman can honestly do everything!

tiny town sneak peek tiny town sneak peek
Here are some photos of a few of our hard workers again. On the left is Silas, our graphic designer and marketer. He’s not so good with the construction part. In fact, he always seems a little unsure in the construction area. He’s more comfortable in front of the computer, writing blog posts and designing graphics. Of course Mikey, our head handyman is always right at home where the saw dust flies and the overly loud sounds of power tools are found. We can always get fantastic shots of our little workers, yet whenever we try to take some photos of our big workers they always seem to disappear. Perhaps they’re camera shy?

This is really a very teeny sneak peek, isn’t it?

You know, maybe we can post just one little colour shot. The top floor of Tiny Town is coming along beautifully as well! Going upstairs with be just like visiting the cottage! You know, maybe it will be more like visiting your retro camper, who knows. (We need a winky face emoji here, don’t we?)

tiny town sneak peek
How thrilled we are (and possibly still a little shocked) at how far we’ve come in the past month. To think of how much further we still have to go, too! We’re glad to have you follow along the way though. Are you interested in some party information? Perhaps you want to learn more about the play centre, or where you can find our amazing little gift cards in time? Send us an email, or message us on facebook! We look forward to having everyone come and play in the New Year!

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