Our Mission

   Every place you visit has a purpose – especially when that place is tailored towards children. So what’s our purpose? What mission has the fantastic little village of Tiny Town set out to fulfill?

As simply as we can put it:

   We want to help your child to play – and all children learn through play. Tiny Town is set up like a real community and each child who comes to play becomes part of this special and important community of play. Through imagination and interaction, your child will benefit from learning social skills, problem solving skills and so much more. All while having a total blast! A worthy mission, we think.

   While keeping track of your child and knowing where they are at all times is top priority, it is nice to take a step back and observe your child as they play and enjoy company of the other children playing. Through child to child interaction your child will benefit from learning how to communicate with others and further build up their own amazing imagination with endless possibilities provided by both the play-centre and other children at play.

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This being said we do have some rules to ensure your child has a safe and exciting visit at Tiny Town.

   We ask that you always stay with your child. It’s necessary for you to stay on the same level as your child at all times. We have two stories and a full staircase! While the staircase does have locking baby gates at both the top and bottom of the steps, please just keep in mind that these are to be viewed as temporary deterrents rather than complete child stoppers. We’ve all seen those sneaky babies climb over them on videos. We don’t want that happening here!

   We would like to make a special note that we use a tea tree (melaleuca) essential oil solution on all costumes, clothing, hats and mannequin wigs. This solution is highly diluted and safe for infants and children. Please take this into consideration if there are any allergies to tea tree (melaleuca) essential oil.

   In order to make sure you have all of your things when you leave Tiny Town, please keep all toys from home in bag. We have so many toys for all ages, you won’t need to bring any!

   With all things considered, we’re certain your child and yourself will have so much fun at Tiny Town! Feel free to explore the playhouses yourself and play with your child. Just keep in mind that the town is, well, tiny! You may feel a little cramped! Have fun and play!

*We try our hardest to keep as many allergies in mind with Tiny Town and would like everyone to know that our play centre is both a peanut and tree nut free facility! We ask all brought snack to not include any peanut or tree nut products. Thank you for your consideration, and for considering the needs of other children at play.