Admission is $12 per child

Have you heard about our totally awesome Golden Tickets yet?!

They’re the coolest form of free admission – just ask any chocolate loving kid! Perfect for birthdays, stocking stuffers and just as an extra fun surprise, our Golden Tickets are the price of a single admission and are just that! A super fun gift card for a very special child!

We have a loyalty programĀ – YES!

Everyone and their pet pig loves free stuff and we love to give! On your first visit you’ll get a special little card – your first loyalty card! Every time you come to play, you get a stamp on your card. Once you have your card filled, just bring it in and you get to come play for FREE! All day if you want! We love your company, so every time you fill your loyalty card, we’ll give you a new one to fill up again!

Please note all children must be accompanied by a parent, or other adult.